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A Publication by Dr. Waffa Karkukly…Outsourcing of PMO Functions.

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The number of PMOs is on the rise and today you might be the one creating PMO, or the one looking for help to have a PMO created. Some of us will jump into hiring SME and many others may choose to educate themselves on the trends, and what’s shaping the PMO market place.

Understanding when to buy a PMO solution and when to in-source it and what are the benefits and challenges in both approaches can be a lengthy decision process. Through this book, the reader would gain a broad perspective with examples and case studies on the PMO build domain and outsourcing domain all in one book.

The study explains how PMOs operate and why more companies are outsourcing these functions to improve organizational performance. Learn the risks and drivers involved with outsourcing PMO functions as well as the benefit of doing it right.

Relying on both a global quantitative and qualitative approach, author Waffa Karkukly conducts numerous case studies across different industries. The case studies involve:

  • the financial retail industry in India;
  • the energy and power industry in the United States;
  • the manufacturing industry in the United States;
  • the mining industry in South Africa.

Results from both quantitative and qualitative examination of these case studies, along with surveys, show that outsourcing PMO functions has a positive impact on organizational performance.

Dr. Waffa Karkukly is the principal and managing director of Global PMO Solutions, a management consulting firm that establishes practical project management offices and revitalizes and assesses the value of existing project management offices. She has more than fifteen years of experience in information technology project management in North America, and Middle East and has just published An Investigation into Outsourcing of PMO Functions for Improved Organizational Performance: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study which can be found on Amazon. Waffa Karkukly can be contacted at info@globalpmosolution.com



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