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Judith Mallard President of Recruiting Now Inc.

Job Interview Tips and Techniques…by the Recruiter

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Judith Mallard President of Recruiting Now Inc.

This is a Quick Tip list for that very important upcoming interview that you really want to ace. What I have not included in this list – please read my post on “What not to do” at an interview:

  • When you are asked if you have a particular skill – always try to give a real work example of when you had to use that skill. Whatever you do – don’t make it up. It’s quite ok to say “I haven’t had experience in that particular area but here is how I would handle it”. Keep in mind if the Interviewer does feel that you may not have experience in that area or that you may not have answered truthfully – they will work the questioning back again to address the area of expertise they are looking for.
  • Another very important point to keep in mind is that you are not at an interview to see if the person across from you is going to be your new “best friend”. By this I mean – Keep your interview on a business level at all times. This does not mean you have to be “too” formal. Instead try to engage the Interviewer. This can be done through positive body language – such as an occasional smile and nod – and making sure that you portray the energy level of someone who truly wants to be at the interview in question. Let the interviewer “feel” that you appreciate the time and opportunity they may be giving you. Even if – half way through the interview you discover “to yourself of course” that the job is not a fit for you, then take advantage of the opportunity to practice your interview skills – never just throw an interview. Walk in with your head held high and walk out the same way, knowing that you gave it all you could and in the best way that you could.
  • Of course all Interviewers, myself included – want to see all potential candidates and applicants show their confidence in their own capabilities and areas of expertise. However, keep in mind arrogance is not the same as confidence. You are there at the interview to show what you can do and how you believe you are a good fit for a particular role. This is an amazing opportunity where you are given time to basically “strut your stuff” and sell yourself in a positive and professional manner. It is not something you should take lightly. As I mentioned previously, use the opportunity wisely, even if it is just for practice.

Please do stay tuned for other tips and techniques that we will bring your way. If you have any questions about navigating through the waters of looking for that perfect job or launching a new career, please do send us a quick email and we will try to post it live so that others can also benefit from your queries.

Have yourself a great day!
The Recruiter

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Overcoming Interview Nervousness: Reality and Perception shifts by Joshua Kreig

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Interview Tips and Interview Techniques

Being nervous is something we all experience yet think it is only us. But we do not have to let it be a paralysing event. Whenever we enter an unfamiliar situation we will experience nervousness. Being nervous increases the stress of any situation. The next time you are feeling nervous before an interview or a meeting here are five things to say to help move from paralysis to action:

I am prepared.

Reality – Stress is felt when one thinks or feels they do not have the resources to meet the demands of the situation. When we prepare well there is a confidence achieved thereby alleviating nervousness.

Perception shift – If you can say you are prepared, anyone listening to you will get the right information. Knowing one’s stuff is more important than a flashy presentation style. The prepared speaker will go further than one of all style and no substance. Be prepared!

(Click here for the full version of this article by Joshua Kreig at Recruiting Now Inc – News 


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