Someone once asked me “what’s the hardest part about being a recruiter….”

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Someone once asked me “what’s the hardest part about being a recruiter….”

Someone once asked me “what’s the hardest part about being a recruiter….” And my answer has always been the same.iStock_000006492382Medium

“Not being able to get everyone a job”.

There is so much talent out in the employment arena. So many wonderful, gifted and future trend setters of our time. And on many occasions as I have sat and had the pleasure of interviewing this talent, I am often puzzled  as to “why aren’t you snapped up yet”.

And it’s then I realize because they are not getting to meet with the right people who are doing the actual hiring. Perhaps their resume is being caught up in some unique customized Boolean search that only selected 3 out of the 5 catch words that have been highlighted as “the ones to choose”. Or maybe there is a hiring manager that truly believes that you have to wait for that 5 out of 5 star candidate. Not realizing that perhaps the 3.5 star candidate could become a 5 star under their umbrella.

I recently read a very interesting report put out by Workopolis called Mind the Gap (The research summarized in the Mind the Gap report was conducted by Environics Research Group ) – in which they indicate that “close to half of employers surveyed say it’s taking longer than expected to find candidates with the right qualifications, one third say the shortage of skilled workers presents the greatest challenge for the year ahead.”  In addition, “Beyond the difficulties of finding candidates with specific skills related to employer needs and underlying concerns about younger workers, two thirds of executives (67%) polled also report that many candidates fall short of expectations in the soft skills department. Conversely, just one third of candidates (35%) see soft skills are essential for getting hired.

More and more companies and senior executives are realizing that they may not possess all the necessary in-house tools or even the necessary time and commitment required, to accumulate the right top talent. “What’s leading executives back to the recruitment table? According to the Environics-Workopolis study, Canadian business leaders point to hiring the right people as a strategic way to gain a competitive advantage, despite the costs of doing so.

Companies that choose not to utilize external recruitment for their talent acquisition, will still need to ensure that those who are on their hiring front lines also possess the training and tools necessary to be able to properly identify true talent on all fronts and not just with respect to the hard skills. This is not always as easy as some may believe. You truly do have to “see the big picture” and all that this can encompass.

In closing, I have to admit, the greatest compliment I ever got in my career, resonates to me the disconnect that exists in today’s employment market – and that is, “Thanks for seeing beyond my resume”.

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