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Here at The Job Search portal, we are proud to offer customized Profile and Career Assessment Guides for individuals seeking career assistance from anywhere in the world or just looking for that extra edge in their job search process.

Key components of our specialized Career Assessments will include:

1. Detailed Resume revision;

2. An insightful review and customization of your LinkedIn* profile to make sure your online presentation is consistent with your career aspirations and choices; and

3. Customized Career Assessment Report generated via our online profile testing portal.

We do have a wide assortment of Career Assessment & Development Reports which you can explore further via the drop down menu in the Career Assessments Main Tab to help you choose the report that best fits your current career interests.

*if applicable.


All assessment reports should always be seen as an add-on tool or facilitator in your job search process.  At various times in ones’ life or career, these reports may be able to reaffirm certain likes or dislikes you may have in your present career choices or ones that you should be aware of when searching for new career opportunities. As much as we encourage and enjoy working with our Profile Assessments, we do realize there is much more to determining your career path, than reviewing a career assessment, and no one knows more about what works for you than you.

  • We will be implementing a PayPal option within this job search portal by January 2018 – however if you are interested in purchasing one of our Career Assessment Packages – please complete the form below and one of our consultants will follow up with you directly.



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Each career assessment will include an Online Profile Assessment reports, which have been created and developed by Psychometrics Canada. These assessment reports, once completed, can assist in clarifying your professional direction and can even be used as an interviewing aid, to further reflect how and why you see yourself as a fit for a certain position. Online completion takes approximately 20-30 minutes for each test.


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