LEAN Transformational Expert & AGILE Expert – Senior Program Leader (2 Jobs)

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LEAN Transformational Expert & AGILE Expert – Senior Program Leader (2 Jobs)

Closeup portrait of happy business groupLEAN Transformational Expert – Senior Strategy Manager

Position Overview:

You will play a key role in driving the organization to transform and utilize Lean principles and adopt Agile/Scrum practices in day to day life at our Client. You will be the catalyst to revolutionize the Culture and Mindset of every team member and impact all facets of the way we do business


  • Build key relationships and provide direct support and coaching to selected primes within each business unit as they help their respective team members adopt Lean practices
  • Create and implement change management activities that maximize team member engagement and improve skill sets in adopting Lean, Lean Start-up, and Lean UX principles
  • Assist teams to adopt a lean way of thinking
  • Assist in removing roadblocks or impediments in practicing agile software methodologies
  • Deliver engaging training and coaching sessions to support the primes; ensure training material and external resources are available to the broader community
  • Train and assist business primes to gain the knowledge required to become successful Product Owners
  • Define how business primes and IT partners come together to successfully employ Agile/Scrum process
  • Actively document lessons learned, track and report on key KPIs for benchmarking and measuring transformational progress
  • Manage and implement a communications strategy, including elements like forums, training toolkits, blog, etc
  • Network within Lean Start-up and UX communities to integrate lessons learned and communicates interesting activities from others in industry

Required Skills & Abilities:

  • Expert facilitation and change management skills that delivered a shift in culture and organizational models inside a large scale organization, including training and coaching at management level and above, process design and improvement initiatives, etc
  • Expert knowledge of Lean, Lean Start-up, and Lean UX principles; has practiced Lean principles in past work experiences
  • Knowledge of Agile software development methodologies, primarily Scrum process
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills giving the ability to influence and persuade others including Executive stakeholders and working team members
  • A flexible approach to work with the ability to accept and champion change
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Experience in creation and delivery of relevant training curriculums and material
  • Demonstrated commitment to personal development



Position Overview:

You will play a key role in driving the organization to transform and utilize Lean principles and adopt Agile/Scrum practices in day to day life at our client.


  • Collaborates with leadership to establish and execute transformation plans to effectively roll-out Agile/Scrum across Business Transformation:
    • Assist in the formation and development of a cross-functional team of Agile and Technical Coaches across Business Transformation, responsible for rolling-out Agile/Scrum practices and the on-going operations of Agile/Scrum practices within each functional area
    • Work alongside IT primes to initiate, set-up and execute Scrum process until teams can run independently
    • Provide training, mentorship, and establish team guiding principles
    • Define, measure and monitor key metrics to gauge adoption success
    • Conduct gap analysis to  assess teams adoption to Agile methodologies and recommend changes required
    • Be the subject matter expert to assist in any questions and/or problem resolution
  • Highlights risk areas, identifies and proactively tackles critical impediments in process, systems and tools, and/or teams  to scaling Agile/Scrum across the organization, escalating issues when necessary
  • Ongoing Operations:
    • Collaborates with leadership teams in establishing roadmap and release planning sessions for each Director area
    • Set-up release planning with dependant Scrum and Waterfall development teams
    • Collaborates with Enterprise Architecture to plan out and implement architecture epics across cross-functional Business Transformation teams where required
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • Work with external Scrum masters/coaches to share and implement ideas that will help continuously improve Agile software methodology adoption
    • Network within Agile communities to integrate lessons learned from others in industry
    • Work with the business and the BT Scrum teams, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and QA to assist with the  on-going deployment of Agile development practices across the organization
  • Work alongside a Lean Evangelist – Change Agent (Senior Business Analyst) to define tactically how business primes and IT partners come together to successfully employ Agile/Scrum process

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Agile Coaching Experience; proven mentor and coaching experience
  • Successfully led and implemented an Agile/Scrum transformation across an enterprise (i.e. 20+ teams)
  • Ability to ensure Agile/Scrum concepts and principles are adhered to, must be able to be a voice of reason and authority; make the tough calls
  • Ability to guide Continuous Integration, Continuous Build/Deploy, and Continuous Testing development methodologies
  • Familiarity with service-oriented environments, highly interdependent/matrix application      ecosystem and continuous integration practices
  • Knowledge of Lean, Lean Start-up, and Lean UX principles
  • Demonstrated commitment to personal development
  • Ability to garner respect from his/her team and be willing to get their hands dirty to get the job done
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills giving the ability to influence others
  • Ability to communicate to Executive Level stakeholders with clarity and confidence
  • A flexible approach to work with the ability to accept and champion change

Required Experience:

  • 10+ years equivalent IT experience playing different roles: Developer, Systems Analyst, Tester, Project Manager, Development Manager, Architect, etc
  • 3+ years professional  experience utilizing Agile/Scrum methodology
  • Experience in delivering enterprise scale Waterfall projects


Send your resume directly to Judith @ jmallard@recruitingnow.ca


All candidates that make the short list will have to go through our screening process and face-to-face interviews, prior to client submissions.

We also want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and to submit your resume for consideration. Due to the amount of résumés we receive however, time does not permit us to personally respond to every single submission for an individual position or opportunity. Only considered candidates will be contacted for follow up.

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