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Hello world!

Welcome to our Employment and Technology Information Portal.

withinTHEcode is an employment and technology information portal created by Recruiting Now Inc., a full service placement agency that specializes in matching top notch, communication, marketing, interactive and IT professionals with top notch companies.

Our objective in creating this portal was initally movitated by two simple things. One, we wanted to provide our readers and visitors who are looking for employment within IT related environments, with a regulated and dedicated information portal. Secondly, we wanted to provide a central core whereby we also could chat about technology in itself, such as future trends, new innovations, or any concerns or issues that we  may discover along our travels.

However we have to be honest with you.

This portal is a place that we also want to call our playground. A place where we all can share in the fun of discovering and connecting within the information highway. And isn’t that what the internet is all about?

I remember once reading that “knowledge isn’t knowledge” until it is shared. So we would like to invite all our readers to have fun, and share in the resources that we make available within this portal and also via any of our other sites which you will find on our Profile page.

The only point we would like to reiterate, is that this is not a forum to air grievances, gripes or complaints, but more so a dedicated platform where we can all share our knowledge in the world wide web of employment and technology.

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Judith Mallard, Global Talent Director, Founder at Recruiting Now Inc. / Digital Media & Technology Enthusiast / Avid fan of all things Adobe CC - Creative Consultant

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