Google Marketing & Social Media – smooth social engagement to the end user

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Google Marketing & Social Media – smooth social engagement to the end user

Ok I totally have to hand it to Google – they be smart folks over there when it comes to engaging their audience and end users.

There I am – about to click on Google search (as I always do) and up pops the birthday celebration icon. Now I know I’m nursing somewhat of a migraine, however it did catch my attention enough to ponder “I wonder who is celebrating their birthday the same day I am” – (Obviously my Imitrex is a wee bit more powerful than I thought – as no light bulb went off) – and lo and behold – up popped “Happy Birthday Judith Mallard”. (see below)

And all I could think was “boy you folks are good”.

Judith Mallard - Recruiting Now Inc.

Social Media Marketing at its’ finest

I mean seriously, isn’t that what social media is all about. Engagement. Drawing in that end user unbeknownst, even to themselves. Any company that can instinctively trigger a smile – stop you in your tracks, make you go “hmmmmmmmmmmm” – then they’ve already guaranteed a customer aka end user. And that is a true reflection of Engagement. A process that not only nurtures existing relationships but also encourages new ones. Word of mouth most definitely takes front and center in this representation.

Koodo is another company that is using that social “smile trigger” methodology. How many of us continue to watch that little koodo man lying on the rug and wait patiently, for, dare I say it – “a toot”?

Marketing when used selectively and effectively – can be quite entertaining and rewarding, in more ways than one.

Have yourself a great day!
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